Frequently-asked questionsΒΆ

Is there, or will there be, support for optparse?
Because optparse was deprecated in Python 2.7, we have no plans to support it at present. If you’d still like to use sphinxcontrib.argdoc, see the Python documentation on upgrading optparse code.
My main-like function is not named main. Can I use sphinxcontrib.argdoc without changing the function name?
Absolutely. Just set argdoc_main_func to the name of your function (as a string) in See Processing a main-like function named something other than main for instructions.
My executable scripts use alternate prefix characters.
Can sphinxcontrib.argdoc handle these? Yes. See Using alternate prefix characters in your ArgumentParser for details.
Does sphinxcontrib.argdoc support subcommands?
Yes. You don’t need to do anything special. sphinxcontrib.argdoc will find these all by itself.
Does sphinxcontrib.argdoc support nested subcommands?
Yes. See the Examples.